Basics (Intro to kayaking)

This course is an awesome way to be introduced to the wonderful world of kayaking. It is designed for those who have had little or no formal instruction in whitewater kayaking, but it can also be very useful for those looking to give lake or sea kayaking a try. Our goal is to introduce you to the sport and give you the confidence and tools to get out on the water safely and comfortably.

In this 6 hour course you will progress from learning the basics for getting onto the water:

  • The names of the parts of a kayak
  • How to enter and exit the boat
  • How to properly grip the paddle
  • How to wet exit (get out of an overturned kayak)
  • Forward stroke
  • Sweep stroke
  • Draws and sculling draws
  • Low and high braces

to learning the basic paddling strokes that will get you where you need to go:

  • Forward stroke
  • Sweep stroke
  • Draws and sculling draws
  • Low and high braces

And finally, you will start to combine these strokes to paddle through whitewater. You will also be given an introduction to the roll progression process resulting in your ability to T-rescue (flip upright assisted by another boat) and maybe even roll if you’re lucky.

Included with this course is the Whitewater Theory and Safety class, a prerequisite to paddling on any club trip.


  • None


  • Duration: 6 hours of pool time (usually 1.5 hours, one night per week lasting for 4 weeks)
  • Location: Eastglen pool
  • Equipment: All kayak related equipment is provided. You will need to bring swimming gear. (A nose plug and goggles are recommended, but not required.)
  • Cost: $150 course fee + $60 club membership = $210 total per participant. (Note: club membership is only paid once per year regardless of the number of courses taken.)
  • Registration: Please contact the Course Director if you have any questions regarding registration. (Note: priority will be given on a first-come first-served basis.)

Upcoming courses

  • Apr. 3, Apr. 10, Apr. 17, Apr. 24, May 1, May 8 8-9pm


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